To educate people about physical activity, we translate research findings into real world settings in a fun, highly interactive, and easy to understand way.


To promote physical activity, we develop evidence-based products for everyday use across the life span.


We create solutions for active living.
Monica A.F. Lounsbery, Ph.D.


Monica A.F. Lounsbery, Ph.D. is Co-Founder, President and CEO of Moving People More. Monica is also a university professor and administrator, a physical activity advocate and the mother of two children. Monica has held high level academic appointments in large research universities as department chair, vice provost, and associate dean in a School of Medicine. She is currently a professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Dean of the College of Health and Human Services at California State University, Long Beach. Monica’s research focuses on increasing population level physical activity in homes, schools, and communities and in recognition of her scholarly achievements, she has reached fellow status in three academic organizations.

Thomas L. McKenziePh.D.


Thom McKenzie, PhD. is Co-Founder and Vice President of Moving People More. He has been a university professor, teacher educator, public school teacher, coach, and administrator, director of programs for obese children, consultant to USA Olympic teams, and investigator on numerous national-level research projects. Thom is an internationally-acclaimed scholar, author of over 200 referred papers, and been inducted as a Fellow in four professional organizations. He has received numerous awards including the International Olympic Committee President’s Prize, an Honorary Doctorate from Finland, and the Lifetime Achievement and Science Board Honor Awards from the U. S. President’s Council Physical Fitness, Sport, and Nutrition. CLICK HERE to visit Thom's website.


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Monica Lounsbery, PhD and Thom McKenzie, PhD are active living researchers who have studied physical activity in homes, schools, parks and recreation centers. 


Over the past several years, they have focused on translating evidence-based policies and practices to increase population level physical activity. Having seen the positive results of their translational work and the differences it can make in increasing quality of life, Monica and Thom are now focusing efforts on Moving People More by developing a multi-division, multi-media effort aimed to increase physical activity across the lifespan.




Physical activity is important to current and future health. Yet, in places where we spend most of our time (e.g., homes, schools, communities) we are defaulted into sitting. Sitting for long bouts of time compromises health and increases risk for chronic diseases, and sedentary behavior is now a global public health crisis. Extraordinary and deliberate efforts are needed to help people engineer physical activity back into their daily lives.