We are pleased to announce the launch of See Me Do!

See Me Do is the infant and young child product brand of Moving People More.


See Me Do products and consulting services use evidence-based strategies to promote and reinforce young child physical activity and motor development to help them and their families to lead active, healthy lifestyles.



See Me Do interactive picture books use a fun literary approach where parents and children reach and move together to creatively illustrate the book in their own way. 

I Can Move promotes engagement by reading and moving together. Ideal for homes, schools, and community settings, I Can Move reinforces children’s literacy, and introduces physical activity concepts and evidence-based recommendations. Available in English, Spanish, and Chinese! 
I Can Move English Version: Available electronically and in print!
I Can Move English & Spanish Version: 
Available electronically and in print!
I Can Move English & Chinese Version: 
Available in print!